Amy Tichy on The Job Hunt!

The job hunt.

I was very hopeful about getting a job right out of graduate school. When I graduated from my undergrad I wasn’t at all proactive about job searching – I graduated and suddenly there I was, without work or any applications trying to find me some. I decided early into my graduate studies that I would not put myself in that situation again, so when I hit the January before graduation I began searching job sites daily and sending in applications.

It’s now six months later and I am still going through the same routine of looking up jobs when I wake up in the morning. I’m a planner, and not knowing what’s coming next can be very stressful for me, but I must say that as I’ve taken a step back and really looked at the process I’m going through right now as I transition from the life of a student to the life of a professional, there are a great many blessings.

The first blessing that I’ve found is time. After spending two years of non-stop running, I am truly taking some time to enjoy little things. My current residence is my grandmother’s old farm in the country in northern Minnesota. There is a peaceful serenity to being back in a place I spent much of my childhood, but even that aside, I can take the time to really, literally smell the flowers (no roses here, but the lilacs smelled wonderful when they were in bloom). There are very peaceful moments when I feel like time has stopped and I am simply overwhelmed by the majesty of the nature around me. I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but when I get there I likely won’t have quite as much time as I do now to appreciate these things, so I’ve found myself taking advantage of these precious moments.

Another blessing I’ve found is friendship. I’ve been able to reconnect with friends from long ago, and our friendships have “not started over, they’re just going on” (paraphrased from “Together Again,” by the Muppets: it’s kind of my summer theme song). This has helped me through this process of change in many ways. It’s provided companionship, certainly, but it’s also reminded me that all of the friendships I’ve made will endure and be there for me, which has helped me a great deal in coping with leaving behind so many friends from graduate school.

The final blessing I want to mention here (believe me, there are many more, but I have a date with a lawnmower and soon to be fresh-cut grass) is our drama therapy community. The drama therapy community has been overwhelmingly wonderful. From staying in contact with my classmates, to getting mail from my major professor, to emails and phone calls from professionals in my area helping me make connections as I look for work and just simply checking in on me. When I joined NADTA and the drama therapy community I knew I had found something special and lifelong, but I truly can’t express the gratitude I have for those that have taken what some might call going the extra mile to reach out and lend me a hand. The real kicker is, I don’t think this extra mile is really an extra mile for all of these wonderful people that have been there for me – it’s in their nature, and that makes me all the more appreciative to be a part of this awesome community.

Amy Tichy