From your Central Region Rep!

Dear Central Region,

Just wanted to drop a quick hello out here in blog land! I am so looking forward to seeing you all at the central region luncheon at the drama therapy conference. We will be discussing the blog (and getting another round of people to sign up and write!) talking (and perhaps announcing the Central Region 2013 Conference) and just getting to catch up and troubleshoot issues people are having as we pioneer here out in the midwest!

So, why not drop a response right now and let me know what you are hoping to get from our luncheon!! I’d love to hear!

Central Region NADTA Representitive

A hello from Lee Ann!

Dear One and All in the Central Region,

I find myself in Kentucky thinking how complicated it is to FIND our Blog on the NADT web site. I found it once today. Please someone reach out and explain what I and maybe . . . .I am not alone, some of our members are doing wrong!!!!!

I find the web site only lets you find out where they want you to go to. I did not find a place to ask for a “general find this please,place.” i really relished colleague Sally Baily’s piece on the importance to “De-role” as an actor as well as our therapist role. Please someone set me right on how to get back in to the blog!!!!

This is my very first time blogging . . . ever. Being a member of the Central Region is helpful – –  I think about many of you here in Kentucky when doors feel closed. I have spent many hours compiling ALL of my theatre information, Drama Therapy trainings, conferences, additional trainings and my Drama Therapy Work and have applied for my RDT. I am anxiously awaiting the notice. I was busy since 1999 taking care of everyone else’s priorities and not my RDT compilation information. Please learn from my grave mistake, and know the RDT work experiences and tracking is very important to one’s future and possibilities as a working Drama Therapist. 

The good news regarding this process for me is that I have acknowledged to myself that I have accomplished extraordinary things on my journey. I have worked well over 10,000 hours in the theatre as a working professional actress, and thousands of hours doing drama therapy work and trainings in addition to receiving my MA at NYU. This “review” is a needed confidence booster to go forward in creating my work here in the Louisville, Kentucky area. I will either receive my RDT and I will set up interviews, or I will find what I need to do to finish the requirements in order to go forward. Either way, the Central Region members were very supportive during our regional conference in May and the memory helped me dig through many files and papers for hours and hours on end. So thank you Central Regional Colleagues! I honor all of you for your shared stories and Laura Wood’s leadership in gathering all of us together in St. Louis as professionals.

A large piece of the Central Region’s leadership and information gathering is that we learned about the depth of Sally Baily’s work,  and how the Drama Therapy Training Alternative Track is much more than “alternative.” Important work and training it is and perhaps more information can be communicated to the “on track” folks in the NADTA. Maybe — a theatre piece filled with humor and false assumptions for a future National Conference? As I recall, most of our Chicago members are also theatre professionals who have taken the alternative track, and so the ideas go on  and on  . . .

Have a great week in this lovely September. Please send me a life line on navigating the site to EASILY find our blog if you have one!
Best, Lee Anne Fahey

*note from Laura: you can just type in to get to the blog easily. You can always just google Central Region Drama Therapy and our site comes up too!